Nine good reasons to choose Certigna

Data and information exchange protection, as well as the website security are essential to provide optimal confidence in a digital world.

Certigna (a Dhimyotis brand) brings you this confidence by delivering the highest quality digital certificates. As a certification operator and authority, Dhimyotis issues and delivers the certificates qualified eIDAS and RGS, it manages its own life cycle. The enterprise has acquired the official status of “European Trusted Service Provider”.

Worldwide integration

Certigna is one of the very few authorities that has been acknowledged by the most significant worldwide publishers. Certigna, our root authority has been integrated since 2009 into the Microsoft Windows et Apple Mac OS operating systems, as well as into the Mozilla Foundation software (Firefox, Thunderbird, ...). It’s also been integrated into Android and iOS.

Theses integrations enable the automatic recognition of the authentication of Internet sites protected by Certigna on all computers.

European qualifications eIDAS

Certigna delivers eIDAS qualified certificates (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) since July 2016. It becomes the guiding principle of the digital confidence and digital identity in Europe.

Dhimyotis is the first French Company that obtained the European adh’oc certifications ETSI EN 319 411-1 (formerly TS 102 042) and ETSI EN 319 411-2 (formerly TS 101 456) for authentication and electronic signature. With these certifications, Certigna provides you all levels of signatures compliant with eIDAS (simple, advanced et qualified).

French qualifications RGS

In addition to the European certifications, the certificates delivered by Certigna are also qualified RGS (General Security Regulation), they can be used for communications between individuals or businesses and administrations, also within French administrations. Dedicated solutions for all RGS security levels: *, ** and ***. Dhimyotis was the first RGS qualified company.

According to the decision made in May 2010, services from French administrations should use and only accept RGS qualified electronic certificates. More and more private enterprises choose Certigna to ensure them to be recognized by government agencies.

ISO/CEI 27001 qualifications

Rigour and quality are of primary importance for Dhimyotis. Since 2016, Dhimyotis has been certified ISO/CEI 27001.

This international standard sets out the requirements for the establishment of a qualitative information security management system.

Made in France

Dhimyotis is a French Company with French corporate capital, part of Tessi group, leader in Business process outsourcing and services in France (Turnover 2017: 430 M€).

Our datacenters are located in France.

With regards to security and protection of sensitive data, it is crucial - and common sense for businesses to deal with European compliant partner with datacenters in Europe.

More than 500 DRA

Some certificates can require face-to-face to verify identity. In accordance with our qualifications and certifications, this verification shall only be carried out by experienced, qualified personnel of Certigna or Delegates Recording Authorities (DRA). With our omnipresent DRA network, it’s possible to quickly realize it near your place. More than 500 judicial officers are at your disposal to make this face-to-face interview.

Map of registration offices

Prices and guarantees

The Certigna certificates are available for 1 to 3 years. We offer very competitive pricing considering the high qualification of the offered solutions.
The extent of the warranties related to our professional indemnity and/or civil liability after delivery costs 7 000 000 euros.

Customer service

Customers are one of our main concerns. To meet your requirements and assist you with the installation of your certificate, we offer the following support: tax-free telephone contact in France, e-mail, detailed documentation on our site.


More than 20 000 enterprise and administration customers trust us (+ 1 000 government websites are protected by us: tax authority, social security, administrations…).
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