The different stages to order a certificate

Login to your account

To order a certificate, you must log into your account. If you do not have it, go to the registration page.

By default, the person creating this space is the only person who has the right to order the certificate. If other people are likely to manage certificates, it must define the list of users with the customer area at least the roles "TECHNICAL CONTACT" and "USER". These people will then an activation email containing a temporary password enabling them to access a first time this account.

Electronic order and provision of supporting

Certificate's ordering is done in 4 steps:
- Select the type of certificate, duration, mode of payment and enter information pertaining to licenses to be issued ;
- Receipt by mail the certificate request form in duplicate and a list of evidences ;
- Sending documents either from the site (in the list of pending orders), or by mail ;
- Order Payment by check, bank transfer or administrative mandate.

Issuing and Retrieving certificate

When your application is complete and approved by one of our operators, it can issue your certificate. You will, then, two emails, the first indicating that the certificate request has been approved, and the second inviting you to retrieve the certificate on your account.

Before you can retrieve your certificate, there is the stage of acceptance. This is to check all the certificate information displayed on the screen.
If the information seems correct, then accept it and you can proceed to import or retrieve it. Otherwise, if the information is incorrect, refuse and tell our sales department to get a new one. This certificate will be automatically revoked. You will, thereafter, an email confirming his dismissal.

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